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Travel pillow

Travel pillow

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  • Safe to wear immediately after hair transplant
  • Higher crown than regular caps
  • Waterproof
  • String at the back for easy adjustment of pressure

Experience ultimate comfort and protection with our modified travel pillow for post-hair transplant care. This pillow offers more than just a luxurious resting place. Its slightly stiffer structure is made to create ample space between your head and the bed pillow, ensuring your precious hair grafts remain untouched during the crucial healing process.

But we haven't sacrificed comfort for functionality. Sink into the plush softness of our travel pillow as it cradles your head and neck, providing unrivaled support and alleviating any strain or tension. The U-shape makes it difficult to turn over while sleeping, which should be avoided at all costs. Rest easy, knowing that you are giving your newly transplanted hair the optimal environment to flourish.

Don't compromise on your dream of regaining your luscious locks. Embrace this transformative journey with our travel pillow, the perfect companion on your road to hair restoration. 

Earplugs and eye-mask are included!

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